Full Program

Includes the following:

Initial assessment including discussions on your:

· Current fitness level
· Current running schedule
· Short, mid, and long term racing goals
· Time available to devote to training
· Preferences for different types of training (e.g. intervals, tempo, hill workouts)
· Preferences for surfaces for training (e.g. trail, road, treadmill)

Subscription to Workout Log which allows you to track your workouts and analyze your progress with reporting tools

Unique weekly training plan delivered via Workout Log:

· Daily workouts with detailed instructions for key workouts
· Will include as much or as little flexibility and you would like (I will recommend what I think would work best based on your goals and available time)

Once per week I will attend a key workout for Perseverance Running athletes where I will explain the workout in detail and often run it with you

Ongoing assessment as you require to discuss your:

· Progress
· Likes/dislikes about the program so I can adjust as needed
· Upcoming races
· New goals

Tips and techniques for race strategies, pacing, technical terrain, Climbing, descending, racing nutrition and hydration, proper recovery, etc.

Phone and e-mail for consultation as required


Drop In

If you don’t need a training plan created for you, but still want the benefit of doing key workouts and training with others, you can drop in on the weekly session and do one of the workouts offered that day.